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Shopfox W1745W 6″ Jointer with Mobile Base

Are you considering buying the Shopfox W1745W—6″ Jointer with Mobile Base? This 6-inch jointer has an imposing fence and also gives you great control when edge jointing wide boards. The motor on this machine is 1 HP which is much less than other jointers. But this does not make it any less powerful.  This is […]

Shopfox W1741 8″ Jointer with Adjustable Beds

The Shopfox W1741 8 inch jointers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Finding the one that is right for you, means looking for features that will do the trick for you. Whether you are upgrading or simply on the lookout for a good jointer, the W1741—8″ Jointer with Adjustable Beds is a great […]

Shopfox W1857 8″ Dovetail Jointer with Mobile Base

The Shopfox W1857 8″ Dovetail Jointer with Mobile Base, is an efficient jointer, that has features specially designed to make your job easier. It has an 8 by 72-inch table for you to work on. This is a considerable size and will let you push through the larger stock. The mobile base is built in […]

ShopFox W1859 8″ x 76″ Parallelogram Jointer

Are you considering the Shopfox W1859—8″ x 76″ Parallelogram Jointer with Mobile Base? This jointer has a very long infeed and outfeed table. It looks very similar to the W1858 and has similar attributes. You can adjust the table accordingly.  The jointer is fitted with levers and features that are meant to make your work […]

ShopFox W1858 8″ Dovetail Jointer

Thinking about buying the Shopfox W1858 Dovetail Jointer with Helical Cutterhead & Mobile Base? This jointer boasts of an extra-long bed and this allows you to work on larger projects. The machine also has a pedestal mounted magnetic switch as well as a built-in mobile base. The stand is on cast iron wheels. This attests […]

Shopfox W1860 8″ x 76″ Parallelogram Jointer

The Shopfox W1860 is an 8 by 76-inch jointer that has a parallelogram design with a helical cutter head and mobile base. Its motor is a single phase 3 horsepower, 220-volt motor, that will give you precise edge jointing and face flattening.  It has a 1/8 inch rabbeting capacity and a center-mounted fence. Your days […]

ShopFox W1744 12″ Heavy-Duty Jointer with Adjustable Beds

Are you looking for jointer and you want the cream of the crop? How does the Shopfox W1744 12″ Heavy-Duty Jointer sound? Different manufacturers make woodworking easier by designing and making tools that will add precision and excellence to your work. The average jointer will make a wood flat.  Whilst the heavy-duty jointer gives you […]

Flexcut KNL26 Left-Handed Hook Knife Review

Are you looking for a good hook knife? The Flexcut KNL26 Left-Handed Hook Knife may be the knife that you want in your tool kit, to help you remove stock very fast, (according to your skill level). The type of knife that you choose can greatly influence the quality of your work.  A hook knife […]

Flexcut KN26 Right-Handed Hook Knife

Are you looking to buy the Flexcut KN26 Right-handed hook knife? One of the oldest tools in the whittlers is what is known as the hook knife. This knife is used to remove more material than the average blade.  It has a curved blade, which makes this task easier. For many years, this knife was […]

Flexcut KN20 Mini-Chip Carving Knife

Are you looking or the best chip carving knife, and wondering what it will take to find it? There are certain features that you will need to look out for, including knowing what it is you intend to do.  Whilst whittling is not a new hobby or profession, the tools that are used can be […]