Best Table Saw for the money

Are you looking for the best table saw for the money? Table saws come in various shapes and sizes. They each have a specific purpose and often one can not be swapped for another.  Are you looking for the best table saw on the market on a certain budget? Perhaps you need something that will […]

Best Cabinet Table Saw

Are you looking for the best cabinet table saw on the market? If you are looking for a saw that will pack a punch, cabinet saws are the most powerful of the whole lot. They may not look very different from cabinet enclosed hybrid cabinet saws, but the characteristics will quickly separate them. Cabinet saws […]

Best Portable Table Saw

Are you looking for the best portable table saw on the market?  You may be looking to replace your current table saw,  Or maybe you are starting on a DIY project and you want to have the right material Perhaps you are looking for a gift for a carpenter friend of yours, and you need […]

Best Knife Grinder for Beginners

Are you looking for the best knife grinder for beginners? Mankind has been making knives for as long as time. It goes back to prehistoric times. In those days, a good knife could make a world of difference, determining if you ate or survived another day. A knife was used for hunting and protection as […]

Best Table Saw

Best Table Saw

Are you looking for the best table saw? Walking into a hardware store to get the best table saw you need, can be a confusing experience. There are so many options on the market that you can choose from. It is now a matter of knowing which one is best for your project.  Are you […]

Guide to Buying a Lathe

Looking to buy a new lathe? We have found this amazing resource on how to choose the right one. There is text included so you can follow along. If you’re in the market for a one way I am here to help you today I’m gonna give you information about lays in different price points […]

Types of Plywood and their Uses

types of Plywood and their uses I just want to run a word different types of sheeting and plywood and their common uses. To start off we have. MDF. MDF it just stands for medium density fiber it’s essentially sawdust glue to compress together now this is just a piece of trim so that’s one use of MDF. Another […]

MDF vs solid wood

Considering MDF vs solid wood? Yeah, we all go through this. We found a great resource that we are going to share with you in this post. we know the colours swing the pendulum from year to year in terms of popularity but paints of them around for a while I think they’re here to […]

How To Turn A Pen with A Mini Lathe

How To Turn A Pen with A Mini Lathe

In our attempt to provide you with incredible information we found How To Turn A Pen with A Mini Lathe particularly useful. As a result, we have text to accompany it. Of cutting of the wood here so now we’re ready to go and take a look at our cutting tools. There are various cutting tools […]

How to Pick the Right Size Lathe

How to Pick the Right Size Lathe

We have all wondered what size of lathe we should be using. In an attempt to answer this question we found an incredible video. We have created text to accompany it. Lathes come in 3 sizes. There are many lathes like this one sitting on the bed of this big one way, in fact, we […]