Flexcut KN19 Mini-Pelican Knife

Are you thinking about getting the Flexcut KN19 Mini pelican knife, and wondering what you need to be on the lookout for? Perhaps you have just bought a knife set that includes the mini pelican and you want to know what you can use it for.  The art of wood carving needs the right type […]

Flexcut KN18 Pelican Knife

Are you considering the Flexcut Pelican Knife? Whether you are a professional woodcarver you need to make sure that you have the right tools at hand.  General carving knives may be great for removing large amounts of stock, but it will not do the job of carving out fine intricate details such as you would […]

Flexcut KN15 Chip Carving Knife

Are you considering the Flexcut KN15 Chip Carving Knife? Chip carving involves removing and chips of wood from a flat surface, to create a particular shape. It is not just any nife that can do this, you need to make sure that you have the right tools.  Otherwise, you can either hurt yourself or damage […]

Flexcut KN14 Roughing Knife Review

Are you considering the Flexcut KN14 roughing knife? Wood carving is an art that requires the use of different blades. This can only come about when you know what to look for in a carving knife.  How you choose the knife that you want, is determined by different factors and features. One of those is […]

Flexcut KN13 Detail Knife

Are you looking for the best detail knife on the market today? Considering the Flexcut KN13 as an option? Whittling and wood carving involves a variety of knives. Many blades are designed to give a specific result. If you are new to the game it can seem very overwhelming and daunting to know which is […]

Flexcut KN12 Cutting Knife

Are you on the lookout for the best cutting knife on the market? How does the Flexcut KN12 sound? If you are a hobbyist woodcarver, or perhaps you are a professional woodcarver, you will still need the best tools possible. As a hobby, it is quite satisfying and fulfilling.  Cutting away at a block of […]

Flexcut KN11 Skew Knife

Considering getting the Flexcut KN11? Are you looking for the best skew knife on the market today? Wood carving is an art that began centuries ago. People have always survived, by looking at their environment and making use of what they have at their disposal. This is one of the things that has shaped cultural […]

Shop Fox W1704 Bench-Top Wood Lathe Review

The Shop Fox W1704 is a benchtop wood lathe. If you are looking for a benchtop wood lathe that can carve diameters up to 8 inches? Many manufacturers make wood lathes and you must know what to look for in a lathe so that you know that you are getting value for money.  It will […]

Shop Fox W1752 Bench-Top Wood Lathe

To buy or not to buy the Shop Fox W1752? Are you looking for the best 10 by 15-inch wood lathe? Woodturning is a craft that has continued to develop over time. It has been refined in more ways as the demand for the carvings continues to grow.  Woodturning involves carving symmetrical shapes out of […]

Shop Fox W1836 Benchtop Wood Lathe Review

Thinking of getting the Shop Fox W1836. Are you looking for the best wood lathe on the market, that you can place on a workbench? Benchtop wood lathes come in all different shapes and sizes. A benchtop wood lathe is used to give different shapes and structures to pieces of wood.  If you want to […]