May 22, 2020

Beavercraft C1 Small Whittling Knife Review

If you are looking for a general woodworking tool, this knife will be a good fit for you. The Beavercraft C1 Small whittling knife is made so that crafting and carving wood becomes a joy.

Thanks to the extremely sharp edge that will slice through almost any wood that you want to carve, whether hard or soft. It is hand-made from high-end carbon steel, which is hardened. The handle is made out of ashwood. 


One look at this knife, and the first and most immediate thought is that it is a knife that is all about functionality and not looks. There is nothing about the look that screams this message. There are no frills or extras that have gone into making this knife look a little more appealing. 

Beavercraft C1 Small Whittling Knife

It is the bare necessity that you can think of in a knife. It has a blade and a handle. And that’s it, no extra embellishments, frills or imprints that can make you pick this one out because of looks. 

The blade has the manufacturer’s logo on it. This knife is more brains than beautiful. It blends in with the rest of the tools in a shed. It has a dull, uninteresting look. In total, this knife is 165 millimeters long. 

The blade on its own is 60mm long and 15mm wide. The handle is 105mm long. It is hand-finished ashwood and covered in linseed oil to give it a smooth finish so that it fits comfortably in your hand as you work. As is the nature of ashwood, it is light-colored and smooth. 

One would say it almost looks beige. Of course, over time and extended use, this color may darken. This is because of exposure to oxygen and UV light.  A lot of furniture users choose this wood for its looks. It comes from the white ash tree. The blade and the handle are held together using epoxy glue. All in all, this is a very simple-looking knife. 

Performance Review

When you set out to carve wood, the quality of the knife you choose is paramount. The handle has to be strong enough to withstand being held tightly as you work your way through the wood. The great thing about the C1 small whittling knife is that it is made of ashwood. 

Both left and right-handed users can use this knife. The blade is super sharp and easily cuts through the wood. This knife has been known to be effective in making a variety of crafts such as spoons. Every blade needs to be sharpened, but you must do so in the proper manner. Otherwise, you may not get the benefits that come with using a correctly sharpened blade. 

Many people look that this knife and think that the size makes it a good detailing knife. However, it offers the woodcarver a different feel and perspective. This knife is well made and performs well when it comes to whittling curves and even large pieces of wood. It is also good for marking and chip carving. The blade’s performance is great.

The handle has an ergonomic design. This allows you to use the knife for extended periods without getting tired. Anyone who has worked on a detailed project or a considerably large one will tell you that hand fatigue can stall your progress.


This knife is very sharp and comes like that straight out of the packet. Be careful when you first take it out and even when you use the knife. When whittling, you must hold the knife correctly to avoid your fingers getting nicked as you work. The sharpness of this knife allows you to carve into softwood. 

You can always make use of thumb guards and gloves. Wear the glove on the hand that you are holding the wood in.  These will effortlessly protect your hands, and this is a big deal, especially if you are starting. 

When you are carving, make it a point always to try and cut away from yourself. Remember that these knives are very sharp, and the sharper the knife, the safer it is. When you use a blunt knife, you tend to use more force to carve away, which can lead to your hurting yourself. Always keep your knife sharp to avoid any injuries.

Who is this product ideal for?

The C1 small whittling knife works very well for people who are just starting on the whittling journey. Experienced whittlers can also use it. This knife is perfect for all levels of whittlers. Always remember to follow the advice and precautions on how to use the knife. 


  • Small enough to fit in hand perfectly
  • They are sharp straight out of the packet
  • The blade is highly durable


  • Some users complain that it is hard to sharpen.

Our Verdict

The C1 small whittling knife is specifically made for whittling, carving, and roughing wood. Its simple design is effective and does what it is meant to do. Also, it has a great fit. Whether you are left or right-handed, this knife will still feel comfortable in your hand. 

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This and the fact that its dimensions are made to fit in your hand perfectly. If you are to be effective at your latest wood carving project, it is important to have the best tools and make sure that they are your best fit. 

If the knife does not feel comfortable when you hold it, it may be difficult to get the best result. The blade and its craftsmanship are also important. A blunt blade will make your work feel very tedious. The good thing about this whittling knife is that both the blade and the handle are strong and sturdy and will hold their own as you carve. 

The blade is made of high-quality carbon steel, making it strong enough to carve through different types of wood. We recommend this knife. Happy shopping! See the Beavercraft C2.

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