October 15, 2020

Beavercraft C10 Geometric Carving Knife Review

Are you looking for the best geometric wood carving knife? The size of the knife has an impact on how well you carve and the spaces that you can get into. The Beavercraft C10 – Geometric Carving Knife is small enough to fit in some of the tightest spaces. It is specially designed to carve some of the most intricate shapes in wood. 

The shape of the blade on a geometric knife needs to be specific. This knife in particular is versatile and will allow you to cut towards yourself and also away from yourself. This also makes it a great tool for both left and right-handed users.


The blade on this knife is very short especially in comparison to the handle. The blade is angled and very sharp. This helps to give you an extra edge and accurate shapes as you carve geometric designs into the wood. The handle is a light brown hue, which is characteristic of ashwood. 

Meanwhile, the blade is made of carbon steel and comes in a clean silver color that should remain this way even as you continue to use it. The important thing is to make sure that you keep it clean.


The knife looks like it has more of a handle than a blade. The handle is 105mm long. The cutting edge is 40mm wide. In total, the Beavercraft C10 – Geometric Carving Knife, C10s – Small Knife for Geometric Wood Carving, is 150mm long. The perfect size to fit in any tool kit, and to also fit nicely in the hand.


The size of the knife makes it easy to handle. The design also allows you to have more control over the knife as you carve. Geometric carving requires a lot of precision and control. This knife feels comfortable in the hand. 

This is also thanks to the smoothly crafted ash wood handle, that is also covered in linseed oil to make it smooth and avoid you getting splinters as you carve. The design also enables you to hold the knife in different positions, which means that you are not stuck in just one way.


The knife’s handle is made of ashwood which is very durable. The blade is also made of highly durable carbon steel which is made to carve into just about any wood. You will need to be careful to make sure the blade does not detach from the handle.


This is an affordable knife to get for your geometric carving needs. Just keep in mind that it is not the only knife that you will need. 


This is an easy to use a knife, and it is comfortable as well. The shape of the handle allows you to hold the knife in different positions so that you can get the accuracy needed. These

are some of the reasons why we think this is a great buy. Ultimately, the way it feels in your hand should be your biggest yardstick, personal preference is key. Happy shopping and happy carving!

David D. Hughes

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