Are you looking for the best chip carving knives on the market? Woodworking is often a challenging hobby to shop for especially if you are just starting. Knowing what knife I for what process and if you need it or not, can be difficult to a certain extent. 

This is where informative reviews come in to play. There are many different types of knives on the market for woodworking, and they each offer different things for the environment. 

Chip carving is how you get the pretty details in a piece of wood. If you have ever wondered how intricate details. By definition chip carving, is using knives and chisels to carve out a design on a flat piece of wood. 

Some call chip carving, spoon carving. It is a common practice in folk art across different cultures. The C6 chip carving knife is made just for this. It is a small blade knife that measures a total of 155mm in length. 

The cutting edge is 25mm whilst the handle length is 120 mm. The knife allows you to make both curved and smooth geometric shapes. It is a great knife for detailing and carving fine details. It can be used by both left and right-handed carvers. 

This is a great product for carving projects such as caricatures, small shapes, or decorative wall hangings. In this article we take a look at this knife in detail and what it can do for you.


The C6 Chip carving knife is made by beaver craft and it is specially made for the smaller projects, that require chipping away of wood. The name is not a coincidence. The handle, has an ergonomic shape, and it fits very comfortably in the hand, measuring 4.72 inches. 

It is made of ashwood, which has a straight grain, which is visible when you look at the wood. It is also polished with linseed oil, which serves to protect the wood. This makes the knife look quite flawless when you look at it. 

It is basic in its looks, without anything fancy to define it. The nature of ashwood is a hue of beige, which adds to the clean look of the handle. It has a hook-like shape which adds to the ease of handling the knife as you work with it.

By its very nature, ashwood is lightweight, this means that it will also feel light in your hand. Long hours of carving will mean that you want to make sure the knife is almost like an extension of your hand, and not too heavy or bulky. 

The blade, is a steel blade, with the manufacturer’s logo engraved on it. It is quite a short blade, measuring only 35mm but it certainly does the job. This is a good looking knife. It has all the necessary parts and feels great too.

Performance Review

The C6 chip carving knife is effective in making the finest of details in a piece of wood. The shape of the blade is specially designed so that carving geometric shapes is not as difficult as it would be with the wrong blade. 

The blade comes pre-sharpened and it is ready to use straight out of the box. They are made of high carbon steel, which is durable and correctly sharpened. It cuts the design into the wood rather than slicing the chips away. The small blade allows you to get into really tight spaces.


The blade on this chip carving knife is just as sharp as the other beaver craft blades. It comes already sharpened, so you will need to be careful when you open the box and remove it.

When you start chipping away, make sure that you are holding the knife correctly. Also make sure to keep the blade away from your fingers to make sure that they are not caught in the crossfire. 

The C6 chip carving knife is often recommended as the best knife for a child to use. If you want your little one to learn how to whittle, it means that you will also need to make sure that you are constantly supervising them and making sure that they do not cut themselves.

You can help avoid this, by wearing gloves or thumb guards that will keep yours or your child’s fingers safe.

Who is this product ideal for?

This chip carving knife is very friendly to use. So much that it is recommended as being child friendly and the best knife that you can use to teach a beginner how to whittle. This knife does not have a pointy tip and rather has a blade that cuts from one end only. 

This helps you concentrate only that one side and control just that bit. It also gives professional whittlers great control and technique as you carve out intricate details that would otherwise be lost with other knives. 

It is also ideal for carvers who want to mark or make geometric shapes out of wood. It is also a perfect knife for sculptors who want to add finer details to a piece they are working on. This knife will allow you to carve out shapes like triangles, squares, and so forth out of wood. This is thanks to the special shape of the blade. 

When it comes to dexterity, don’t worry. This knife allows both left and right-handed carvers.


  • It is easy to use
  • The blade is generally safer to handle, as it does not have a pointy end.
  • It is lightweight
  • It allows you to add the finer details to a piece of arr you are working on, without messing up the rest of it, thanks to the small blade.
  • The handle easily fits in the hand
  • The blade is very durable, thanks to the high-quality carbon steel it is made fo.


  • The knife does not come with a cover for the blade and this can be dangerous. 

Our Verdict

This is a very good chip carving knife. It competes excellently with its competitors on the market, and it is affordable, retailing at a reasonable price on Amazon. This is a great knife for chip carving and is well regarded by its users.

We give it a pretty decent rating based on ours and the experiences of others. Here’s hoping it helps you carve out even more intricate details. Happy shopping!

David D. Hughes
Beavercraft C6 Chip Carving Knife Review - The Whittling Guide

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