May 25, 2020

Beavercraft C7 Small Detail Wood Carving Knife Review

Are you looking for the best tools for your new found hobby? Or maybe you have been carving wood for the longest time, but you want to know if any tools can make your work easier? Perhaps you have been putting up with your current tools not knowing that there are options that you could use, to enhance your skills. 

Wood carving is an ancient art that has been used for pleasure and to make functional furnishings and wooden pieces. There are various knives for the different tasks that you may need to do when wood carving, and this will depend on what you are carving and the type of wood that you will be carving into.

The C7 small detail wood carving knife, is a handy tool for handicrafts, detailing, wood carving, whittling, and fine carving. Thanks to its small nature, it can fit in very small spaces, in nooks and crannies, that other wood carving knives would not be able to fit into. 

Beavercraft C7 Small Detail Wood Carving Knife

This means that you can get very fine details worked into sculptures or caricatures or any other small dimensional works of art. It can be used by both left and right-handed users. This knife is also quite the favorite because of its durability and lightweight nature. 

The blade is made of high-quality carbon steel, whilst the handle is made of ashwood which has a lot of great qualities. This knife will give you better precision when carving, and this is a rare quality that gives it an edge over other knives in the market. Also, the blade is fixed on the handle and does not fold in. 

This gives you more control over your tool. The durability of this blade allows you to cut into the wood like oak, which is notorious for being hard. 


Whilst looks may not be everything, they certainly do carve a way into our daily lives. The same goes for carving knives. The C7 small detail wood carving knife is small but it looks like it can pack a punch. The blade itself is extremely sharp and pointed. 

Beavercraft C7

It is easy to tell why it is marketed for fine carving and detailing. Based on looks alone, it is pretty basic and easily fits in with the rest of the tools in your toolbox. There is nothing that stands out on this knife in terms of looks. The design is minimalistic, and sometimes less is more. Its basic looks can grow on you. 

The C7 Small detail wood carving knife, has a total length of 160 mm or 6.3 inches. The blade itself, measures 40 mm or 1.57 inches, whilst the handle is 105mm or 4.13 inches. The handle is made for ashwood which is widely used for modern-day furniture. 

This is also because it has a light and appealing color. The beige hue is soft on the eye, and the straight grain adds to the beauty of the wood. Ashwood is also known for its lightweight properties which makes this an easier knife to handle. 

The blade is made of high-quality carbon steel, which has a clean look. It also has a very point tip and this is what gives you the fine carving abilities. You can get into the small bits of the carving and chip away till you get the desired shape. 

Performance Review

When looking for a knife to carve out your sculptures and the finer details in your work, you must know what you are getting in the knife. The way it handles its own around a piece of wood is an important feature to look for. Durability is also key in getting a knife that is effective in getting the carving you want. 

The blade is made of high-quality carbon steel. By its nature, carbon steel is a carbon alloy that in most cases has manganese in it. The maximum amount of manganese, copper, and silicon. There are different types of carbon steel, and the Beavercraft blades are made of high-quality carbon steel, which has a pearlite microstructure. 

It has a carbon content of 0.60– 1.25 wt.%. Of all the carbon steels, this is the hardest and it also has the lowest ductility. Tool steels have added elements that make the steel much stronger. When working on hardwood types such as walnut, it is important that you get a knife with a blade that is durable and this one makes the cut. 

This knife cuts into hollow areas very well. And thanks to the shape of the handle, it fits easily in the hand. The design of the handle eases any form of hand fatigue that may arise from long hours of carving. 


When handling knives, safety is one of the most important things to consider, as they can be dangerous. Make sure to use the knife when you can focus properly. You can also protect your fingers and your hands by wearing gloves or a thumb guard on the hand that holds the wood in it. 

The tip is extremely pointed and so it is necessary to exercise caution when handling the knife. The blade also comes already sharpened straight out of the box. This is great, and yet at the same time it also calls for extreme caution.

Who is this product ideal for?

Dexterity is not an issue when it comes to this knife, so whether you are a left or right-handed carver, you will be able to use this knife well. It is also best in the hands of someone who knows their way around a piece of wood. Skill is necessary for handling this knife.


  • It has a flexible blade that allows you to work in the tightest of spaces. 
  • It is also very durable thanks to the blade made of carbon steel. 
  • it is lightweight


  • It does not come with a protective sheathe for the blade.

Our Verdict

We like this product for fine wood carving projects. It is great for working on projects that require a fine touch and detail. The Beavercraft C7 Small wood carving knife is a great addition to your tool kit. Happy shopping! See our Beavercraft C9 Marking Striking Knife Review.

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