May 26, 2020

Beavercraft C9 Marking Striking Knife Review

Thinking of getting the Beavercraft C9? Whittling and wood carving is one of the most ancient of art forms. People would carve shapes out of wood to make furniture, tools, sculptures, and all sorts of ornaments. The difference between a well-made carving and something impersonating to be one can be the tools that you choose to carve with. 

They can make all the difference. A poorly performing knife will not get you the shapes that you need. The same goes for any layout tools that you may need to use. A marking knife is essential in woodworking.

BeaverCraft C9

The Beavercraft C9 Marking striking knife is used to mark lines for fine joinery. The special design of this knife is made to help you make very accurate cuts with the chisel end of the knife. It will help you bring out the artisan in you. If you are just starting, this knife will make you seem like a professional woodcarver.


One look at the C9 Marking striking knife, and you will think that you are looking at a chisel. The handle and blade are basic looking. The handle is a light brown hue. Whilst the blade is thick in width pointed at the end and has one sharp angled end. 

BeaverCraft C9 in palm

The angle helps you make accurate markings on the wood so that you can follow through with a saw and cut correctly. It looks better than its competitors, we can give it that much. 

The handle is flat and sits snugly and comfortably in your hand. Some marking knives are shaped like screwdrivers and this can be tough to keep a grip on. It is made of Ashwood, from the ash tree,  which by nature is light-colored. 

Hues of beige streak down the handle, all while the straight grain is visible and this makes for an aesthetically pleasing knife in all. It is also covered in linseed oil, like other Beavercraft products. This helps to keep the handle. However this does not mean that you should not take care of it. 

The knife needs to be wiped and kept dry. Moisture does not do well for this knife’s longevity and durability. It is also bad for the blade and can cause rust in the long run. 

The blade is made of hardened high carbon steel which has a clean look, and the manufacturer’s logo etched in the steel. In total, the knife measures 145mm. The handle on its own is 105mm whilst the blade is 25mm long and 17mm wide.

Performance Review

This knife, is a must-have for any woodcarver who cares about cutting and carving straight. The blade is made of high carbon steel, and this means that it is even stronger than the average carbon steel. It can cut into almost any wood, thanks to the strength of the blade. 

This good quality stell and the geometric shape of the blade, allow for precise marking and striking. The blade is also thin enough such that you can make accurate marks using a ruler and the knife, without any excess material getting in the way. 

The blade is also sharpened correctly and this makes it easy to cut through any type of wood, whether soft or hard. It may seem like you do not need a sharp knife for softwood, but on the contrary, cutting with a dull or blunt knife will not achieve the job even on softwood. It is also a safety hazard. 

The handle has a design that fits comfortably in the hand whilst you mark. And if you want to hold it the knife perpendicular to the wood, you will still have a comfortable angle, as you have a place to rest your hand on. This also gives you better control.


The C9 marking and striking knife, comes out of the pack, ready to be used. It is already sharpened and you must be careful when reaching out for it. It is quite easy to get poked by the pointy tip of the knife.

Always make sure that you keep it out of the reach of children. The cutting edge, is also very sharp and caution needs to be exercised around it. 

You can also keep your fingers safe, by wearing gloves to protect your hands as you mark. Wear the gloves on the hand holding the wood or holding whatever device you are using as a stencil to make sure that you mark the shape that you want to carve out of the wood.

Who is this product ideal for?

This tool is best used by people who know what they are doing. This means it is not ideal in the hands of a beginner. The great thing about this marking and the striking knife is that it can be used by both left and right-hand users.


  • It helps you make marks for fine lines on the wood. 
  • It allows you to have accurate geometric shapes carved out
  • It is strong
  • It can cut through any wood
  • It comes ready sharpened  


  • The sharp edge is a double-edged sword (pun intended), which means that you need to exercise extra care when you handle the knife

Our Verdict

When it comes to whittling many tools are on the market, but it is not all of them that are an absolute must-have. Some are just nice to have. But at the C9 marking and striking knife is one that you will be thankful for. 

This knife is a must-have tool for every woodcarver. It will help you get accurate. If you have ever wondered how you can saw through a piece of wood without going astray and cutting crooked, this knife will solve all these issues for you, and all without having to draw on the wood. 

Weighing a measly 40 grams, you can easily carry this around, in addition to some of your regular whittling tools. You can also use this knife to cut out geometric shapes, thanks to its unique shape. We recommend this knife. Happy shopping! See our Beavercraft C1 Small Whittling Knife Review.

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