Flexcut KN25 3″ Draw Knife Review

Are you looking for a draw knife to add to your collection of knives? Finding the right one for your project entails thinking about what you want to do and making sure that you get the right size. The Flexcut KN25 3 inch draw knife, is a straight looking tool, with handles on both ends….

Flexcut KN17 1″ Mini-Draw Knife Review

Are you thinking about getting the Flexcut KN17 1-inch mini draw knife?  A draw knife will help you remove excess stock and shape the wood better. General carving knives can do many things, but the precision they give you is not the same as specialized knives. Draw knives are specially designed for carving out the…

Flexcut KN16 5″ Draw Knife Review

Are you on the market for a new draw knife? Considering the Flexcut KN16. It is easy to think that you can use just about any knife for all your woodworking needs. But on the contrary, when you get specific blades and tools, you will find it easier to get more work done.  A draw…

Flexcut KN37 Hooked Skew Knife Review

Are you considering the Flexcut KN37 hooked skew knife? Why do you need to get it, and can a general knife not do the same job? These are questions that could be running through your mind when you are looking to buy new knives.  Sometimes they seem like they do the same job. However, understanding…

Flexcut KN36 Radius Knife Review

Are you thinking of buying a radius knife? The KN36 radius knife has the ability to make push cuts, v-cuts, and slice cuts. The blade is curved and allows for rolling action, and the blade is versatile and flexible enough to make these cuts.  This is what makes the KN36 radius knife quite the catch….

Flexcut KN35 Fine Detail Knife Review

Are you thinking about getting the Flexcut KN35 fine detail knife? Knowing what the knife you want to buy is made for, will help you maximize its strengths and get the best performance from it. The KN35 is a fine detail knife. It is specially designed, to make fine details in woodworking projects.  The short…

Flexcut KN34 Skewed Detail Knife Review

Are you thinking of buying the Flexcut KN34 skewed detail knife? Buying a woodworking tool requires that you know what you will want to use it for. This is because there are so many on the market that are designed for different tasks.  The blade design on the KN34 skewed detail knife is slightly skewed….

Flexcut KN33 Hooked Push Knife Review

Are you looking to buy a hooked push knife? The Flexcut KN33 is a good knife for making clean stop cuts, concave and convex cuts, and other cleaning jobs. It is also a great knife for shaving off chips.  This is a specialty knife that is specifically designed for wood carving. It lets you carve…