Jigsaw vs Bandsaw

Are you wondering what type of saw to get between a bandsaw and a jigsaw? Woodworking can be a rewarding hobby and profession. Using the right tools makes it even more gratifying. It is important that you know what product you want at the end of the day.  This will help you get the right […]

Bandsaw vs Scroll saw

Are you trying to decide between a bandsaw and a scroll saw? Woodworking is an art that has come through many generations and continues to be refined. Machines have continued to be used and developed to make better wooden products.  To cut wood, you can use a variety of tools and among those, are saws […]

Best bandsaw for resawing

Best Bandsaw for Resawing: 5 Amazing Options

Are you looking for the best bandsaw for resawing? Are you wondering what you should be looking for? Let me help you know what constitutes a great buy and which brands to look out for. A band saw is a very common staple in a lot of workshops. It is usually the first big woodworking […]

Shop Fox W1706 -1 HP 14″ Bandsaw Review

Are you looking for the best bandsaw on the market? The Shop Fox W1706 might be the one. But you also want to make sure that it fits in the space that you have? Most bandsaws on the market today, are pretty bulky and may not fit in the space that you have. The great […]

Shop Fox W1849 – 14″ Resaw Bandsaw Review

Are you looking for the best resaw band saw on the market today? Perhaps considering the Shop Fox W1849? Resawing refers to splitting wood that you have already worked on, along its grain into thinner slices, across the thickness of the wood.  For example, if you need to saw logs into lumber, you would need […]

Shop Fox W1729 – 2 HP 19″ Bandsaw Review

Are you looking for the best bandsaw on the market? The Shop Fox W1729 is a good pick. If you have a big job at hand, you need to make sure that you have the right tools. Knowing what it is that you need to make and the type of materials that you will be […]

Shop Fox W1825 19″ Heavy-Duty Bandsaw Review

Are you looking for a heavy-duty band saw? The Shop Fox W1825 is worth looking at. You need to get the right saw that can pack just the right punch and possibly more. With the price that these types of saws fetch, it is ever so important that you get something that you are happy […]

Shop Fox W1770 5 HP 21″ Bandsaw Review

Are you on the lookout for a new band saw, that will be sure to do the job? Considering the Shop Fox W1770? A good band saw will help you get uniform cutting action, whether you are working wood or metal. Bandsaws are a fixture in many workshops, where accurate cuts are necessary for plastic, […]