June 17, 2020

Flexcut KN11 Skew Knife Review

Considering getting the Flexcut KN11? Are you looking for the best skew knife on the market today? Wood carving is an art that began centuries ago.

People have always survived by looking at their environment and using what they have at their disposal. This is one of the things that has shaped cultural artifacts and traditions. 

This is why you will find that artifacts from  America are different from those in Africa or Asia. The natural resources differ, and so does the way of life.

They all have in common that people will take what s around them to make their lives easier and better, including making tools for hunting or to help you make your life easier. 

Flexcut KN11

Wooden carvings are a large part of cultures around the world. For the longest time, civilizations have used wood to make these tools. Making these carvings needs the right tools. 

Improvisations have been made, including makeshift blades or knives that are not made for the job at hand. Thankfully, toolmaking has come a long way, and now you can get the right knife to make the carving you want to make. 

If you are working on a carving that needs vertical cuts, but you do not have the space to do this, you will find the Flexcut KN11 a handy knife to have in your toolbox. Let us take a look at all that it has to offer you. 


One of the telltale signs of a good skewing knife is it has a specific type of blade. Flexcut has made it a point to make sure that it makes knives that have the right type of blade accompanied by a handle that is well designed. 

The blade is made for tight spaces and vertical cuts, and as such, it needs to be thin enough to do so. The blade on this knife comes already sharpened, and it holds an edge very well.  

The blade is made of high carbon steel and looks just as sharp as it is. The tip of the blade is hardened and sharpened. It is a deep dark grey color synonymous with carbon steel. It is 16 millimeters wide and angled to make the necessary vertical cuts. 

The full length of the blade is 30 millimeters, and this makes it petite enough to fit in the tightest of spaces and do the work that ordinarily could not be done by other whittling knives. 

The handle is made of ashwood. One of the characteristics of ashwood, which comes from the Ash tree, is that the wood has a light color. This gives the handle a clean and basic look.

Ashwood is a well sought after wood that is light-colored and has a straight grain that is visible. It also has the red flex cut logo across the handle. The design of the handle is made to make the knife feel more comfortable in your hand and allow for longer hours of carving. 

Performance Review

This is a very sharp and effective blade. It is flexible and allows you to cut even in the tightest of spaces. This is also thanks to the small size of the blade made of high carbon spring steel. 

The shank on this knife is tapered and hardened, hand-honed, and polished. It has the right amount of sharpness and force to carve the detail you want without turning to other tools. 

Some blades are not sharp enough, and they can not finish a full project without incorporating other tools. It’s always easier to have fewer tools to finish a project instead of carrying an entire toolset. 

The carbon high steel that the blade is made from also makes the KN11 have an excellent holding edge.

The handle is specially designed to make your hand more comfortable as you work. It helps reduce hand fatigue. This means that you can work longer and more effectively. 

It also fits nicely in your hand, which contributes to the comfort of the knife in your hand. 


The blade on the Flexcut KN11, just like on other flex cut knives, comes already sharpened. It is important always to make sure that you keep your fingers safe using the knife. You can do this by wearing whittling gloves or a thumb guard. 

Also, make sure to follow the directions on how to hand the knife safely. Keep your fingers out of the way at all times. You can use your thumb as a pivot. This is where it becomes handy to have a thumb guard.

Who is this product ideal for?

This knife is very easy to use but also requires a level of expertise. Learn the basics of how to use it, and it should be straightforward to get around it. A couple of tutorials should do the trick.


  • It has a durable blade thanks to the high carbon steel hat it is made of. 
  • You can work for a longer time, as the handle is designed to reduce hand fatigue. 
  • The blade is flexible
  • It is a very sharp knife
  • The blade is hand-honed. 


  • Some users complain that the shape of the handle can be difficult to handle in every position. This makes it difficult, especially as you will be working on a carving without a lot of room. Sometimes it becomes necessary to use other tools

Our Verdict

If you are looking for the perfect skewing knife that can allow you to make the accurate and precise vertical cuts you need, you need to make sure that the knife you choose has the right qualities. 

The KN11 from FlexCut has a lot going on, such as the small enough blade to fit in tight spaces and is sharp enough to do the job. The ergonomically designed handle also gives you an added advantage, and its shape fits nicely in your hand. Happy shopping! See our Beavercraft C12 Review.

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