May 13, 2020

Flexcut KN30 Hip Knife Review

If you are looking for a portable knife, then a Flexcut KN30 Hip knife is a great option for you. The handy tool is named after placing it in its sheath and attaching it to your hip. It is handy and efficient, with just the handle and one blade. It’s a great knife for woodcarvers on the go. 

The ergonomic handle made from ash wood is long enough to fit comfortably in your hand and carved and comfortable. This makes it easier to carve for longer periods. The sheath fits very close to the knife and clips too close to keep the knife safely tucked away as you move about. When you buy this set, it comes with the KN12 leather sheath, which means you can carry more than just your KN30. You will not need to sharpen it before you start using it. It is already sharpened, and so you can use it straight out of the packet. This is a very versatile carving knife that is great for fine cutting amongst a wide array of projects.


The Flexcut KN30 is a woodcarver’s dream come true. It is a good-looking knife, with an elegant design. The color and design are wooden and are quite nice looking. The manufacturers branding spans across the entire handle, reminding you of the quality that you are getting. 

The handle on this knife has a smooth finish and ash handle, varnished to perfection. It is very appealing and also has a great feel in hand. The blade’s sides have been hand polished to give a very nice look. 

This blade comes in a good-looking leather sheath that you know will last quite a while. After all, leather is known for its amazing attributes of lasting the course. The sheath, just like the knife itself, has the flex cut logo imprinted on it. 

It also has a metal clip that will attach to virtually any belt. The stitching on the sheath is rugged and looks great as it compliments the leather perfectly.

Performance Review

It is fixed to the handle and sharpened to a razor’s edge. It is a high carbon steel blade that can carve through just about any wood. This is a feature that you want in a portable knife because you are not always sure what type of wood you will get. 

You can carve a variety of items with this little handy tool. The blades are precision machined and heat-treated. This helps keep them sharp.  This knife, like other flex cut knives, is ready to use right out of the packet. 

The design and construction of the knife allow you to use it for long periods without fatigue. This knife holds its edge pretty well. It makes clean cuts, and this comes in handy, especially when you are carving fine details.

This knife will give you great push action, sliding action, and also curved action. It will help you shape your carving with great detail and precision.


It comes with a leather sheath which will help you make sure it doesn’t get lost, but it will also help you keep your fingers safe. The metal clip on the sheath helps to keep the sheath and knife safely attached to your hip. 

The great thing also about this sheath is that it is not just for the KN30. It will also fit any regular flex cut knives. Which means you can always keep them and yourself safe. 

Your knife will be safe from the weather and anything that can potentially damage it. As is the same with flex cuts other knives, this one is not for sale to people under 18 in the UK. This is a necessary law that would do well to be put in place globally. 

When using this blade, it is important to cut it away from you. Using both hands on the knife and using your thumb and index finger to control the knife, you can easily slice away. 

Flexcuts knives come ready to use, which also means that they come already well sharpened. When you make a normal push cut, you need to use your other hand as a pivot point to push the carvings away. You can also make use of a thumb guard. 

If you prefer to peel the wood towards you, make sure that you do so with your thumb out of the way. You can also use a glove meant for woodcarvers. If you decide to use a regular pair, make sure that you wear one that will help you maintain the natural feel of the wood and help you control it.

Who is this product ideal for?

It is labeled as the number one Carving knife for beginners. It is important to know your skill level and be honest with yourself. This way, you will get the help you need from the retailer or the salesperson. If you’re an experienced woodcarver, then don t let the fact that it is great for beginners to scare you away. 

You can still get excellent detail from this knife. Remember that no matter how great a tool is, you still need to know how to use it, And so whether you are a beginner, intermediate or skilled worker, this knife will work well for you.

Our Verdict

This is a necessary carving knife to have in your collection. It can be used by beginners, which means that you can also have someone you teach using the knife when you are now a professional at wood carving. It’s a great-looking knife that has a strong blade. 

You will be able to a lot more than just a little carving with this gem. The sharp blade will carve out just about anything, according to your skill level. It’s a good buy.

Always take the necessary precautions when you use a blade, and this one is no different. Follow the instructions and get carving. Happy shopping! Check out our review of the Flexcut JKN96 Spoon Carvin’ Jack.

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