April 1, 2021

Bosch ROS20VSC vs ROS20VSK | Which Sander is Better?

When choosing between a ROS20VSC vs ROS20VSK sander, you need to look at the performance that each tool brings. The ergonomic design also matters. However, these two have more similarities than differences. The difference lies in the carrying bags and price. That is what I am evaluating in this article to assist you.

Overview of the ROS20VSC

It is a Random Orbital sander that makes smooth wood surfaces. You will not have swirl marks on your surface due to the pad dampening system removing marks on either flat or contoured surfaces. The hook-and-loop disc attachment system keeps the pad in place. They are made of durable material that makes them last longer. It performs the duty of the Velcro adhesion material. 

The sander has a speed variance of 7,500 OPM up to 12,000OPM. The 2.5 Amp motor allows the speed to change depending on the material it is working on. The sander has a microfilter dust canister that traps dust particles. The package includes a sanding pad, case, dampening ring, sanding disc, dust canister, and a vacuum adapter. The installation process is easy. Installing discs require matching eight holes with the holes of the disc and press. 

The eight holes are inside the ring of the pad. There is a space between the sanding pad and the disc to get rid of. The ROS20VSC runs smoothly, and that makes it a low vibration tool. The dampening brake system also makes it smooth. The vibration rate is controllable. There are no additional tools you have to look for. All the accessories you need come inside the package.


  • Smooth finish
  • Easy disc attachment
  • Speed variance
  • Dust collection feature
  • Extended palm.


  • The lid bin is difficult to close
  • The dust filter could have been more efficient.

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Key Features of the ROS20VSC 


The ROS20VSC comes with a variable speed control system. That means you have the power to adjust your speed and set your preferred speed as you cut through materials. The tool runs at 7,500 OPM up to 12,000OPM. Low speed is ideal for simple areas and high speeds for rough materials. 

Sanding disc and pad

The pad dampening system eliminates swirl marks on flat and contoured surfaces. The disc attachment is easy to run. It uses a Hook and Loop disc system that sticks sanding pads to the sander. It is like a Velcro adhesion material. The sanding disc is easy to install. You need to match its holes with the eight holes inside the ring pad and press. Little effort is required to close the space between the pad and the disc.

Dust collection system

The sander features a microfilter dust canister that traps dust and other particles that are as small as ½ micron in diameter. The canister lasts longer since it is of quality materials. The canister shows dust level. When you are working on dust-free tasks, you can easily detach the canister. When you want to empty the dust container, you twist it. The same applies when you want to attach it.

Overview of the ROS20VSK

It is also a Random orbit sander with a 2.5 Amp motor that runs from 7,500 to 12,000 OPM. As much as it runs faster, it remains a low-vibration tool. It has an integral pad-dampening system that prevents swirl marks on multiple surfaces. The ergonomic design makes the top part of the machine give soft gripping to the user. The top part is also wider. 

That brings comfort to the hands of the user. The microfilter dust canister that comes with the tool filters all the dust particles collecting dust into a pod. The dust canister is of long-lasting materials. The tool is compatible with a standard 5inch hook-and-loop. The switch button is big, thereby leaving no room for mistakes. It is protected from dust. 

The hard carrying case makes sure that if the tool falls on the ground, it will not be damaged. When attaching sanding pads, less effort is needed. You only need to match up holes as you stick the pads to the sander. The package includes a sanding pad, vacuum adapter, hard carrying case, sanding disc, dampening ring and dust canister. The build quality is impressive. 


  • Speed variance
  • Micro-filter system
  • Easy disc attachment
  • Smooth finish
  • Impressive build quality.


  • The dust canister has clogging that needs regular cleaning.
  • The converter does not stay on the sander.

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Key features of the ROS20VSK


The machine has speed variance that gives you control over your sander machine. You have to control your speed depending on the type of material you are working on. Speed variance is a feature on a heavy-duty sander machine like the ROS20VSK. It makes sanding accurate on multiple types of materials. Delicate surfaces attract low speed and on rough surfaces, vice-versa. The no-load speed ranges from 7,500 to 12,000 OPM. 

Dust collection system

This sander has a dust collector that comes as a filtering paper. The paper filters almost all the particles that come from the machine. That is more effective than the bag. The filter has to be clean for excellent performance. The canister needs regular cleaning to avoid clogging.

Disc attachment

The tool comes with a hook and loop disc attachment. That is quite impressive in securing a disc. Chances are low that the disc will move out of place. The sander comes with 35,000 hooks, that have a tight grip on the disc, whilst you are running the machine. The dust canister lasts longer, and when you are emptying it, there is zero dust that escapes from the bag to the sander machine.


  • Both are Random orbital sanders.
  • The products use 5inch discs that are available.
  • Both products withstand the pressure that comes with sanding on flat and contour surfaces.
  • Both sanders use the hook and look surface.
  • They both have the same speed that ranges from 7,500 to 12,000 OPM. 


The ROS20VSC comes with a soft carrying bag, whereas the ROS20VSK comes with a hard case. The ROS20VSC carrying bag is of soft linen material inside and a zipper. The ROS20VSK case has a latch to keep it closed.


Both products are of the same price range as they are below 100. However, if you want to save a few bucks, the ROS20VSC is a better choice than the ROS20VSK.


Comparing a ROS20VSC and ROS20VSK means looking at the price and the type of case that one tool comes with. There is not much of a difference between the two. For a more affordable sander, I highly recommend the ROS20VSC. If you want a hard case over e soft carrying bag, the ROS20VSK would be ideal.

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