March 16, 2021

Dwe7491rs vs Dwe7480 Which One Wins the War of Table Saws?

You might need a guide when choosing the best table saw between the Dwe7491rs vs Dwe7480. It has to match your skill, what you intend to work on, and your budget. However, you might end up having mixed feelings about your preferences when you get to know new technical features and the performance of each product. A detailed guide that explains each product will leave you decided.

Overview of the Dwe7491rs 

The Dwe7491RS is included in our post of Best Table Saw for the money. It is a  table saw with a quality build, great cut capacity, and an effective mobility system. The storage system is there to keep your accessories close to you. It has space for the blade guard, fence, riving knife, miter gauge, wrenches, push stick, and cord wrap. It has a rolling stand that makes the setup easy, and it makes the machine stable. The performance that comes with the Dwe7491rs is excellent due to its accuracy. 

The fence system contributes to accuracy and maximum performance. It is adjustable and stays parallel to the blade. It rides on rails at the front and back without making random movements. The miter gauge is ideal for cross-cutting. The mobile stand performs better than the stationary that standard saws use. It has wheels. It is easy to set up and durable. The On/Off switch key has a safety cover. The power button is small. You lift the safety lever when you are using the switch. There is a bump pad that makes shutting off the machine easy. 

The dust collection system has two dust collection ports. The first port is on top of the table and below. The top port traps sawdust from above. The vacuum that connects to the upper port will get in the way of the workpiece. The hose will also fall to the side, and that compromises your performance. You will have to use the one beneath for convenience. The riving knife prevents kickbacks, and that attracts late responses. 


  • Quality build
  • Effective mobile system
  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Smooth
  • Great cut capacity
  • Additional storage 
  • Safety lever
  • Adjustable


  • The dust collection system  could be more convenient
  • The plastic parts on the fence that connects to the table are fragile

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Key Features of the Dwe7491rs

Rip capacity

The rip capacity is 32-1/2inch to the right of the blade. It makes cutting easy on hard materials. The rack and pinion system has a flip-over fence attachment that supports wide materials, making it easy to rip. The saw has a compact size. 

10 inch blade

It is powerful and tackles light-duty tasks. It comes with a blade guard assembly that is transparent. You have a clear view of the activity, and your fingers are protected. When adjusting the height of the blade, your fingers are protected. That is a safety feature. 

Max cutting depth

The maximum cut depth is 3.125inches. 

Amp motor

The 15 Amp motor has an excellent speed of 4,800 rotations per minute. The higher blade speed added the ripping quality. It is compatible with multiple applications.

Rotations per minute

The motor is powerful. It takes 4800 rotations per minute. 

Pinion fence rails

The rack and pinion telescoping fence system the machine uses makes the fence adjustments smooth, precise, and fast. The fence rails have a way of drawing back as it becomes small hence a portable package. The flip-over ripping fence makes narrow rip cuts possible.

Overview of the Dwe7480

It is a 10inch table saw that is ideal for light tasks. The rip capacity is 24 inches which makes the cutting bearable, even on large materials. The adjusting feature makes the machine match with an appropriate application. The motor has 15 amps and rotates up to 4800 times per minute. It becomes easy to go through the timber. The roll cage base is metal, and that makes it last longer. The blade can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees for bevel applications. It weighs up to 48lbs. That makes it easier to transport and move around. 

Uneven work surfaces do not compromise the performance of the saw. The task is made easy by using the rear feet that you adjust. The dust port allows you to connect a vacuum that makes the cleaning easy. The 24T carbide blade is highly durable, and table coating reduces friction which yields smooth cutting. The design of the handles also makes it portable. The 15 amp motor makes the machine powerful. The precision fence makes it accurate. 

The motor defines an improved version of the dw745. It is 1,000 rpm faster than the old version.  Safety is ensured by the great combination of a riving knife and a transparent blade guard. These two features maintain a workable environment. The storage options of the machine are convenient, and they keep the machine and the accessories safe. It has a ripping capability of 24 ½ inches, making cutting down of large wooden materials possible. Even when it tilts, it remains smooth. The blade has 24 teeth that are good for both amateurs and experienced woodworkers. It is a versatile machine that rips, tilt, and cross-cut wood. 


  • Versatile
  • Solid T-style fence
  • Portable
  • A metal roll cage base
  • It can connect to a vacuum cleaner
  • Powerful
  • Table coating
  • Adjustable blades from 0 to 45 degrees for bevel applications
  • Durable


  • Short and thin blade teeth
  • It has a flat-track for the miter gauge

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Key features of the Dwe7480

Rip Capacity

The 24inch rip capacity makes the cutting bearable, and it is good enough for large and hardwood materials. 

10inch Blade

The 10inch blade has 24 teeth which are great for hardwood. The blade matches up to it the size of the machine. It is highly durable, but it might erode with time, and replacing it is easy.

Max cutting depth

The maximum depth at 45 degrees is 2-1/4inches. When it is at 90 degrees, it runs to 31/8inches. 

Amp motor

The 15amp motor runs at 4800 rpm, which is powerful to run the blade through various types of material. No matter how thick the material is, it cuts through with ease. The powerful motor makes the machine accurate and smooth.

Rotations per minute

The table saw has 4800 rotations per minute. It is faster and cuts deeper and fast in seconds. The blade rotates in front of the saw, and the increased pace ensures that you have a smooth and clean cut.

Pinion fence rails

It uses the rack and a telescoping pinion fence that makes adjustments possible. As a result, the machine becomes fast, accurate, and smooth. The Solid T-style fence has a heavy lockdown mechanism that keeps the material sturdy as you work. 

Push stick

The push stick looks like a simple stick with a handle. It is easy to replace, and it is comfortable to handle and smooth. You can even make your own if you are highly innovative.

Blade angle

The blade angle ranges from 0 to 45degrees, which means that it is adjustable depending on the pieces of wood you are working on. The blade angle is precise. 


  • They have safety features that include the riving knife and blade guard.
  • They make 4800 rotations per minute. 
  • They use 15amp motors.


  • The structure of the Dwe7491rs is more solid than the Dwe7480. 
  • The Dwe7480 is more affordable than the Dwe7491rs.
  • The Dwe7480 has a rip capacity of 24inches, whereas the Dwe7491rs has an excellent rip capacity of 32- 1/2 inches.
  • The Dwe7480 has one dust port at the back, whereas the Dwe7491rs has two dust ports: one at the front and the other at the back.
  • The power button of the Dwe7491rs is smaller than the Dwe7480.
  • The Dwe7491rs has a mobile stand with wheels, whereas the Dwe7480 has a stationary.


The Dwe7491rs is under 600 that is a bit steep. That might be due to the stand and the wheel system giving you an innovative saw relevant to the times. The DWE7480 is affordable, and it is below 300.


I would recommend the Dwe7491rs because it has grip capacity and an impressive mobile stand with wheels. It has a powerful 15amp motor, and the 32-1/2 inch rip capacity makes it exceptional. It is powerful in ripping. An accurate fence system contributes to the overall performance. The price is not ideal for users on a tight budget. On that note, I would advise you to consider the Dwe7480 that is affordable.  It has a solid T-style fence, metal roll cage base, and smooth table coating. The best saw would be the one that meets your needs. See Our post on the best Hybrid Table Saws.

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