October 6, 2019

How to Pick the Right Size Lathe

We have all wondered what size of lathe we should be using. In an attempt to answer this question we found an incredible video. We have created text to accompany it.

Lathes come in 3 sizes. There are many lathes like this one sitting on the bed of this big one way, in fact, we could check this late between centres in this big way. There’s maybe late he’s. Which are sort of in-between minis and full-size slaves and Aaron excellent choice for most people? 

Finally, there’s full-size Slade spike this big one way. Each has advantages in each costs more in price let’s take a look at each, in turn, sort them out for you. Many lathes have a swing of E. to 10 inches over the bed and 12 to 15 inches between centres they cost between 200 and $600.

The cheaper end of that scale will give you step police with changing the built for speed change well paying more will generally get you a DC control and motor which gives you full speed a nice feature. They’re often bought simply as a pen life to turn pants pence’s brought thousands of people to turning. And they do this job admirably. 

But they will also turn lots of other neat stuff they’ll turn small bowls to about 8 inches in diameter their excellence were small natural age bowls. They’ll turn boxes which are little lidded containers with a fortune fit limited. This is a box for my hearing aids. 

And they’re also great for water called whole form switcher spindle turned bowls the grain is running up and down in this little vessel they’re generally sort of them for sheep here’s one in the chart being turned as we talk these are a great lady for anybody just wanting to try turning to see whether they really like it or not.

They’re also excellent if you have a young person that you would like to join you in the workshop. Medieval avis I have a little more swing a minimum of 12 inches over the bed with some going to 14. They will handle any of attorneys you see here on the bed. Small platters bowls to about 12 inches in diameter. 

Any furniture spindle you’re likely to encounter. They cost between 600 and $1500 most manufacturers offer stands which is an additional price but can be very useful. Of course you can always simply place them on your workbench or build a stand of your own making and Corey workshop project. 

Most mini lathes today come with variable speed packages you see here. It’s generally a decent controller with the 81 horsepower motor the mini lathe is what I consider to be a great general workshop late. Full-size waves are the work courses that used to populate mill houses. Shops in trade schools however today they have been increased by amateur woodturners who just really like turning the result is that we now have some wonderful waves with unimaginable features 2030 years ago. 

Full size lathes sport swings as big as 22 inches like on this one way making the turning of very large faceplate work possible this is this small that we did on a mini late in comparison to the store. They also have the ability to add bad extensions to turn anything out to about 10 feet so they are good for architectural turning in just about any furniture spindle that you can imagine. 

All full size leaves today sport a variable frequency drive in combination with a 1.5 to 3 horsepower 3 phase motor the frequency drive will actually make 3 phase from your house current at any cycle rate to control the speed full size slaves cost anywhere from 3500 to $9500 the latter figure is if you add a lot of bells and whistles such as bad extensions if you’re one bowl turning a great feature of many full-size slaves today is the ability to make them into what’s called a full 8 for this one way it’s done by. 

Add in a short bed to the outboard side of the headstock then swinging the variable frequency speed. Control over here so that it’s in close proximity. You also reverse the direction of the spindle so instead of turning this way it’s turning this way making right-hand face place work out here. 

If we now just work from the other side of the wave with virtually turned it around. This allows me to stand where the tailstock would be on normal weight and get great access and leverage while I turned bowls some marvellous feature it’s done on other late such as this powermatic by sliding the entire headstock down to the end of the bed in removing the tail stock.

Well, I hope I’m giving you an idea of what’s out there in the market place in that you can now make a wise choice as to what we are going to buy. One thing to keep in mind always your total budget I’ve seen a lot of people spend a lot on a leave and then have nothing to buy tools and sharpening equipment with. Some sharpening jig saw a grinder gonna be 2 to $500 and tools or anywhere from about 30 to $130 a piece so it isn’t just the wave you need to think about it’s the total budget. This is very calm over saying till next time thanks for visiting.

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