September 9, 2020

Morakniv Kansbol Multi-Mount Knife Accessory Kit Review

Morakniv Kansbol Multi-Mount Knife Accessory Kit is a great kit if you are one of those people who prefer to mount their knives almost anywhere. The kit is a great accessory to add to your garage collection or even in a tool shed. 

It comes with a belt loop as well as multi-mount base and the needed mounting straps. You won’t have to worry about having to look for your tools in the tools box or in the knife bag. You can just go to the wall and take out your knives and you are ready to go. 

The Morakniv Kansbol Multi-Mount Knife Accessory Kit is compatible with the MOLLE standard mounting system. Sadly the blades are sold separately so you’ll have to get the kit and get the knives that you want to mount separately or at another time. 

Being made in Sweden we can already determine and assume that the kit is made from durable and quality materials you can quickly attach and detach the knife from the mount position you would have set in seconds. 


  • Can be used anywhere and at anytime
  • Is easy to use and understand 
  • You can easily and quickly attach and detach any knife or tool in it
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories for it to hold
  • Is made from durable and strong material


  • Does not come with the knife sets as they will have to be bought separately 
  • The material used is not as strong as the one used on other accessory kits


When it comes to durability, Sweden has all that covered. This Morakniv Kansbol Multi-Mount Knife Accessory Kit is made from some of the most durable materials that are meant to hold knives. Although it may not be the strongest out there. When used with caution this kit will definitely hold as many knives for the longest time

It comes with belt loops and traps as well which are made from a slightly different material. These may not be as strong, but they are still able to stand and can manage to hold out some knives for a while. In terms of durability, this kit may not be strongest as it is not made from tear-proof or heatproof material and for a knife holder that does deduct a few points. 

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Coming at a very affordable price range, this kit is quite relatable to the price margin. It is very effective and efficient. At the same time with the question mark being on the material used one may wonder if the price should have been slightly lower than what it is, then again who knows.

Our Verdict

All in all the Morakniv Kansbol Multi-Mount Knife Accessory Kit is definitely a great addition for any one who needs a knife and tool holder in their garage or shed.

Although the material used is questionable we can understand that because of the price range that it lies in. Besides that, this Morakniv Kansbol Multi-Mount Knife Accessory Kit is definitely recommendable. 

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