Flexcut KN300 Whittler's Kit

Flexcut KN300 Whittler’s Kit

Considering the Flexcut KN300 Whittler’s Kit? Regardless of why you have decided to take up whittling, it is important that you have the right tools at your disposal. They say a poor workman blames his tools. But in all fairness, if your tools leave a lot to be desired, coming up with a product that […]

FLEXCUT KN100 Carving Knife Set

Flexcut KN100 Carving Knife Set

If you are a woodcarver, then you are probably always on the lookout for knives that can help you carve a piece of your passion out. This carving knife set comes with four knives to help you carve. They all have different blades meaning that they can perform different functions.  Having this set means that […]

FLEXCUT KN30 Hip Knife

Flexcut KN30 Hip Knife

If you are looking for a portable knife then a KN30 Hip knife is a great option for you. The handy tool is named after the fact that you can place it in its sheath and attach it to your hip. It is handy and efficient, with just the handle and one blade. It’s a […]

FLEXCUT JKN95 Tri-Jack Pro

Flexcut JKN95 Tri-Jack Pro

If you are looking for a roughing tool, then this may be your one-stop-shop. As the name suggests, the tri jack pro has three blades. This tool has three razor-sharp blades, and these are a roughing knife, a detailing knife, and a mini cutting knife. All three blades lock in place and this adds on […]

JKN89 Pocket Jack for Carvin'

Flexcut JKN89 Pocket Jack for Carvin’

This carving edge comes equipped with 4 edges, that make carving much easier and more accurate. It is portable and is just a little over 4 inches long. This petite knife will easily fit in the pocket and it means that you can easily use it on the go. You do not need to carry […]

Flexcut JKN96 Spoon Carvin’ Jack

Flexcut JKN96 Spoon Carvin’ Jack: How Good is it?

If you have just taken up a new hobby or maybe you need new tools in your shed, it helps to know whats the best of the best. The Flexcut JKN96 Spoon carvin’ jack is a great all in one tool for carving out spoons. It has both a deep and a shallow hook. These […]

DeWALT table saw stand

Dewalt Table Saw Stand

Are you looking for the best Dewalt table saw stand on the market? Table saws are almost a staple in some woodwork shops. You will most assuredly find one in many workshops. This is because they make cutting through wood, professionally, so much easier. It gets cumbersome trying to make straight accurate cuts when you […]

Shop Fox Table Saw

Shop Fox Table Saw

Are you looking for the best shop fox table saw? Table saws are an asset in any woodworkers shop. Although not everyone sees the absolute need for these, they are arguably a fixture in a workshop that will make a world of difference in the way you work.  The common table saw consists of several […]

Best Contractor Table Saw

Best Contractor Table Saw

Are you looking for the best contractor table saw on the market? Table saws are extremely common and a workshop favorite for a lot of woodworkers. In as much as they may not be an absolute must-have, you will find they make your life easier. Just like the internet is not an absolute must-have, but […]

Best Hybrid Table Saw

Best Hybrid Table Saw

Are you looking for the best hybrid table saw on the market? If you are a bit confused about what type of saw you need or what type of saw you already have, allow us to shed some light for you. A hybrid table saw is a stationary table saw powered by an internal motor. […]