November 4, 2021

10 Wood burning projects that sell

If you want to make money with your wood-burning projects, you need to choose your projects wisely. One of the best ways to make money is by making wood burning projects that sell. What are some wood burning projects that sell? You may also want to see our picks of the best wood for pyrography.

Key chains

The keychain retail prices range from 7 – 20, and the pricing depends on the base cost of your keychains and your target market. Keychains are customizable and make a great housewarming gift, Christmas, or birthday gift. 

Giving it away as part of a gift wrap makes it valuable, and that is why there are many sales from creatives who sell keychains. Making key chains is not much of a hassle and easier if you follow some instructions. Start by making a wood-burned design for the keychain.  

Choose a pen-like tip for your wood burner, screw it on and tighten the set screw into place. Plug in the wood burner, let it warm up, and sketch the design onto a wooden craft circle. Burn on the wood design and attach the wooden craft circle to the beaded set. Attach to the keychain clasp.

Wood burnt spoons

Wood burned spoons make quick and easy DIY gifts for any age group. They make a creative kitchen counter display. They are heat resistant, but that does not mean they will not burn. A standard wooden spoon ranges from 8 to 15. 

What determines the cost is quality, level of creativity, and cost material. Making burnt spoons start with making plain wooden spoons by sketching your desired design onto the spoon. You can have the wood design from the internet or your own. 

Use stencils, stamps, and free-hand drawings since they work better for the small surface area of spoons and other utensils. A light hand burns the outline of your pattern. Using letter pen tips to burn initials onto the surface takes seconds, and investing in pen tips gives you better-personalized designs.

Framed Quotes

Making framed quotes is easy. Start by picking a plain frame and drawing patterns all over its borders. You are allowed to draw little stars, dots, mini-circles, or even parallel lines to make the wood frame more interesting. 

It makes a beautiful item since it matches any decor. When it comes to the framed quotes, what sells is the beauty and creativity. Standard, framed quotes range from 20 to 150, and the most exquisite ones cost more. 

Showcase your creative skills by bringing life into the frame using powerful words. It is not about burning but portraying a message. 

Personalized wood burned items

Custom wood burned items are rated at 0.14 per square inch as measured from outside border to outside border. That is how you determine the cost of a wood personalized wood burned item. Use simple wood-burning tools and easy-to-learn techniques to add distinctive designs to a variety of bare-wood projects. 

Personalized wood items speak through to clients or recipients, and that is why they are always selling. The process is easy when working with a sketched design, and Softwoods with minimal grain are more accessible to burn than hardwoods. 

Use 320-grit sandpaper on a solid block to brush away residue and try new steps and techniques on a sample board cut from the same material you are burning. Transfer your wood design by printing and assembling the paper pattern.


Stylish earrings are quick to sell. They are easy to make and give you the chance to express your creativity. More detailed earrings require patience and determination, and you can make them for thirty minutes or less. 

Make sure the tool heats up and uses the tip of the chisel. Earrings make good gifts, starting from 10 depending on the details, size, and wood type. 

Growth Chart

Growth charts start from as little as 10. They make good gifts since they pass down the significance of life’s daily events from generation to generation. Family traditions are valuable to some people. 

As much as there are multiple choices on Etsy, you cannot run out of ideas. You can focus on vintage depending on your target market. Start by laying out your boards side by side so that you copy the measurements.  Use a ruler and a yardstick to take my measurements. 

Make two straight lines that run down the length of the left side of the board, parallel to one another.  These lines are your guidelines. Start marking each inch on the growth chart following a pattern. Measure to see where to begin the name. Trace the numbers to make a chalk transfer onto the board. Erase pencil lines and apply your stain. 

Serving Board

Cutting boards are part of every household. Making them is so practical and straightforward simultaneously, and it makes a gift for anyone. Sketch out a design you want for your cutting board with a pencil. 

You can even print a phrase online and trace it onto the board. When your tool is hot, trace over your pencil lines with the wood burner. Heat the stamp for about 30 seconds and press down evenly.  

Make sure all the edges burn evenly. Use pliers to remove the hot letter stamp and put on a new one.  Avoid touching the burning hot stamps. Standard boards range from 15 to 60. 


Standard signs range from 100 to 200. Wood signs are used almost in all sectors, and they communicate with people giving necessary information. The personalized custom carved routed wood signs are handcrafted signs items that are easy to make. 

It starts with a vision for the design, and the wording follows. Signs are not a one size fit. Each customer has different ideas and size requirements for the sign they want. Average sign sizes are 6″ x 24″ and 6″ x 18″. Many other sizes are available, and always check out some examples of our signs before you start making one.

Bottle Openers

Prices vary based on product size and color, and bottle openers range from as little as 0.01. The item is for almost everyone at home, work, and companies. You can have different openers, and clients do not hesitate to replace one when they like a new one. 

It is easy to make. Lightly sand the wood and cut it into five pieces and build a cap catcher box. Attach the cap catcher box and add the bottom to the cap catcher box. Cut the stencil and seal. Paint the design. 


With jewelry, you make a bold fashion statement with bangles, rings, pendants, and more items. Look for the best wood material as you get started. To make it simple, use natural and found materials.

Sand your pendant until all surfaces are smooth, starting with coarse grit and changing to finer grit paper. Sanding the corners gives you a smooth shape instead of just a rectangle. Drill a hole, make a sketch design and start burning. The prices differ depending on the item you want. 

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