August 11, 2019

Flexcut Whittlin Jack Review | Is It A Must Have Carving Tool?

Flexcut Whittlin Jack Review

The Flexcut Whittling Jack is one of our favourite knives for general carving. This Flexcut Whittlin Jack Review looks at what we like and some of the things that could be better. If you are on the market for a whittling knife that you can rely on without breaking the bank, this could be the one for you. It is designed to deliver ultimate performance and portability.

Flexcut Whittling’ Jack has 2 carving specific blades in this. These are a 1-1/2” Detail knife and a 2” roughing knife. The length of the knife when the blades are tucked in is 4”. Which makes it fit into your pocket. The blades fold away into a walnut inlay. It keeps the blade in shape for longer periods.

This tool is made in America. As far as weight is concerned, you are looking at about 5 ounces. The blades are made of high carbon steel. Each one is sharpened by hand. You get a razor-sharp blade straight out of the box. 

Flexcut Whittlin Jack

It has an aluminum frame and a veneer inlay that is put together with a bow structure. This delivers comfort as you carve for prolonged periods. The size makes it easy to carry it around with you so you can get whittling done on the go. There are two anchor points on the frame of the blade. These points give the entire structure some rigidity and a sturdy feel.

It is a slim, lightweight blade that features a metal housing and a wooden centre. The inlay pieces were well finished on the one that we bought. Others have reported contrasting experiences.

The roughing blade is slightly pointed at its end which gives it the versatility to also be used for some detailing work.

The cutting blade is shorted. It has a thicker blade that looks sturdier.

We would recommend this blade to beginners and anyone else looking to have a versatile whittling knife that they can use on the go. Whether you are going camping or fishing. Having this blade with you will allow you to fill in your free time with some wholesome whittling. It is also an affordable knife. This is always a bonus.

Maintaining the blade as sharp as you receive it is easier when you can fold it into itself. There isn’t a need to purchase an extra case or other accessories to put it into.

Other than carving a spoon where you may need a specialised blade, there aren’t many other projects that we could think of that this knife would fail to tackle. Between the two knives, it should be easy enough to get what you need out of one of them.

Key Features

The blades pull out and close.

It is easy to carry with you.

There are two blades.

The blades come sharpened for you.


  • The inlay keeps the knife durable.
  • The folding makes it easy to carry.
  • The knife is relatively safe.
  • Well designed knife with a great finish.
  • The size is perfect for carrying around with you.


  • A little difficult to open here and there.
  • The blades do not lock.
  • There is no consistency in finishing.

What Others Have to Say

How to keep the blades is shape

The first thing that you would need to do is to make sure that the blade is completely dry after use. This reduces the chances of rusting. It is also advisable that you wipe it off with an oily cloth every now and again. This keeps water out and the blade protected. Use one of the links above to find a good sale price.

Sharpen it as and when needed. Using a blunt knife puts you in danger. Check out our Flexcut JKN95 Tri-Jack Pro Review

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