January 13, 2021

Laguna Revo 1524 lathe 110V Review

Most people think that spinning of wood is just for small pieces like the ones we see in our home furniture and toys for the young ones together with decorative elements, not knowing that some buildings use wood turned on lathes. The lathe itself is an ancient tool dating to around 1300 BC in Ancient Egypt. Most would know the ancient Egyptians were very crafty people, but that’s a story for another day. Today we are discussing lathes more specifically the Revo 1524 from Laguna. 

Most might not recognise it, but the lathe was a crucial technology in the Industrial revolution. Although much attention was directed to the metal lathes a couple of centuries ago, woodworking lathes have steadily gained popularity over the past centuries. After all, they were the first of the lathe family. It is mainly because tools have evolved especially the weapons of war which used to be swords and spears requiring sharpening easier done with a lathe. Smaller lathes can sit on a working bench or any suitable table. Still, bigger ones used in medium to large scale like the Laguna Revo 1524 have a nugget, these are legs which sit on the floor and elevate the lathe bed to the suitable working height.

The Laguna Revo 1524 is among the best medium to large scale lathes you can get for a reasonable price, and we are here to share with you why that is so. Everyone loves options, and the 21st-century craftsman is no exception, its headstock and tailstock are both fully removable from the bed. When working, one needs to have all the tools they need to get the job done close to save time and prevent that drive when working on exciting projects. The Laguna designers figured that out and included on-board tool storage for the live centre and drive centre and another shelf for storing other tools. 

Its headstock can be repositioned to the tail end of the bed, an excellent feature for outboard turning. If you happen to have relatively large projects, you can get the 20-inch extension which you will have to get separately as the lathe is sold without any accessories. For medium scale, the extension is not needed as the lathe itself gives you 24 inches between centres, which is enough to fit most home furniture pieces. 

Model NumberRevo 1524
RPM50-650, 325-2100, 650-4200 RPM (three speed)
Motor8 Amp, 60 Hz, PWM
Facelift Size3 inches
Weight131 kg
Dimensions52 × 22 × 22 inches 
Warranty5 years

For the best-detailed work, the Laguna Revo 1524 features 24 indexing positions at 15 intervals while the headstock and tailstock accept an MT2 taper. When you have a broad market, it’s in your best interest to keep it happy. There is no better way to do so than producing quality products. The precise position adjustment facilitates in precisely that it ensures an ideal point to point alignment. All this is coupled with an easy to understand adjustment of 4 screws, and minor manipulation of the drive centres brings the lathe to the best possible alignment. 

Like most of the lathes, you will find in large workshops. The Revo 1524 uses transistors for light-speed communication between its Pulse Width Modulation motor and the seamless and smooth operation controller. Most small lathes cannot achieve the lower RPMs. This is mainly because their motors are too small to provide enough torque at those speeds, the PWM motor delivers more than enough torque at RPMs as low as 50. 

Its speeds are spread over 3 steps. Overall the lathe has a minimum of 50 rotations per minute and a maximum speed of 4200 rotations per minute. The speed steps are 50-650 RPMs, the first one, 325-2100 RPMs, the second and 650-4200 RPM. Its legs can be easily adjusted to the height best suited to you and are great when you find an uneven flour as you can level your lathe with ease. For a few extra dollars, you can get your lathe a set of wheels to sit on. Wheels are better than legs as they allow you to move your equipment anywhere and everywhere.


  • 24 indexing positions 
  • Sliding headstock
  • PWM motor
  • Compatible with extensions 
  • Adjustable legs
  • Low speed


  • Extension bought separately 


Even at a glance, you can see that this is a beast of a lathe which means business with its bold black colour. It’s designed to fit into any workshop setup and stand out as well. 

Performance Review

One of the best standout features is the pulse width module speed control, other models have them, but they are not as active as in the Revo 1524, the torque you get at 50 RTM is almost the same as that you get at higher speeds. Ideal for all types of woodturning, including detailed work through its 24 indexing positions. The considerably ample 12-inch long tool rest is convenient when working on complicated projects requiring various tools. The 24-inch distance between centres and the 15.5-inch swing over the bed is enough to work on most prominent projects.


The Revo 1524 is not so big; hence it will easily fit in any workshop be it medium-scale or big. It has it on/off switch safely covered. This is to prevent accidentally turning the machine on by accident and leaving it to devour all that power before you notice it.

Who is this product ideal for?

If you are a very enthusiastic beginner, you can get this lathe for yourself, but it’s rather expensive if you don’t have any money coming in because of woodturning. This is a medium to a large scale lathe that keeps you steps ahead of schedule. As a professional woodturner, the Laguna Revo 1524 is must-have in your workshop, it is the best investment you will make to take your woodturning career to the next level.

Our Verdict

Welcome to the big leagues, this lathe should be an upgrade to someone who already knows their way around woodturning. It is a significant upgrade which is why we are happy to recommend it to all woodturners looking to make it big in the industry.

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