October 6, 2019

MDF vs Solid Wood

Considering MDF vs solid wood? Yeah, we all go through this. We found a great resource that we are going to share with you in this post.

we know the colours swing the pendulum from year to year in terms of popularity but paints of them around for a while I think they’re here to stay we’re just doing tons of white paints and grey pants with paint scum some considerations an average homeowner needs to be aware of okay for want.

To talk about today is MDF doors MDF panel doors and wood painted doors and what the ramifications of doing painted wood par because what you’re going to hear when you talk to your sales rep a cab enjoys we’re gonna try to push you to MDF. And the reasons are many it’s a much more stable product let’s get started first describing the problem we’re trying to address by using MDF and show your options here so you can make an educated decision as a homeowner. 

Press one of them my hand here’s a painted solid wood door doesn’t matter what the design is what I’m about to show you is going to be prevalent on any more than 10 in or mitred which is what the story is any more than 10 or mitred solid wood framed door guy so what you can see here in the corner her my finger is you can see some hairline cracks they turn kind of black or dark grey.

What’s going on there with a solid wood frame door like this is what is organic it’s going to move there’s nothing kana still can do about it no would work around the world can control the effects of moisture in solid wood and when you have a door frame like this 2.5 inch wide door frame and this piece of wood is expanding and contracting and this piece of wood is expanding and contracting.

The pain can expand a contract at the same rate for extent that the wood itself will something has to give in so what you end up seeing of these little hairline fishers where the pain is separating it’s not shipping office not creating some abnormal thing when you can a scratch on the pain comes off but it does create this hairline shadow. And it can be prevalent on a lot of cabinetry depending on the moisture if you buy the cabinets in the middle of March and it’s very humid and leaving your garage for a week before you install on.

You’re gonna get would movement and this is going to be much more pronounced it’s not a defect it’s not warranty not from Conestoga not from anybody else what you’ll find with most manufactures they’re gonna make you sign a waiver saying you’re aware of that and as soon as you sign that waiver you’re accepting the fact that these joints not on just doors even on your solid wood cabinet front frames were ever would comes together are going to have those airlines so as a homeowner you see what I’m gonna do.

I’m just gonna want painted canvas is gonna look like garbage now it’s just part of the look and we have a lot of people the ones sold wood cabinets and they have to understand this is what they’re going to get on the corner joints so I’ll get to the MDF in a minute but on the panel area we talked about framing on the panel area let’s say you had a sold would centre panel what happens is the centre panel is a bunch of individually glued up pieces of wood where the seams come together you can’t seem honest painted door but their individual. 

Pieces of wood those pieces of wood expanded contracted different rates so when your door comes out of the box your panels nations move 6 months later you call your cabin joint sales rep and you say wait I can see these faint lines and I can always catch my fingernail on I can see the individual pieces of wood what’s happening there is that panel stave that are making up the glue-up are expanding and contracting vertically at different rates and the pain is just following that elevation changes not a defect so again as a homeowner water my to do our answer is MDF it is far superior painted applications and I’ll show you why. 

Here’s your 2 options when you’re choosing painted product and Conestoga this one ‘s available on pretty much any 5 P. store we offer and that is a solid wood frame an MDF panel so before you start asking questions about Hey it’s still a painter or a K. wood frame I didn’t get away my core joint issue no you didn’t on this door what you solved is you have one solid piece.

MDF so you won’t have those vertical lines are just mentioned if you want to get away from all the issues with painted products one sold would you want to do a 5 P. 70 of door where everything is made out of MDF they’re still corner joins up here were these pieces come together you can’t see him and you can’t feel no once it’s painted it’s stable it stays the way you see it so what to me it just looks better you avoid the mystery of how are my doors gonna look 6 months.

After I get them they came out of the truck looking great but 6 months later I have his hairline cracks you won’t get that within the office stable and strong it’s heavy very dense doesn’t feel lightweight and flimsy it’s just superior in chi so couple things you need to know about India first of all on the door my left the 5 piece MDF it’s not available on every single design contest of offers they have somewhere around 120 different 5 piece door offerings I would say it is about 55 of them they’ll do it a 5 piece MDF.

The others they won’t so your sales rep when you put a quote in may saying Hey you know what we can do the MDF panel with the wood frame but we can’t do it all in the US and you may have to back off to a different door choice not a big deal we have lots of options to pick from all the traditional shaker pieces are covered with the 5 piece on the off. 

Right now the other thing you want to know what is we do an awful lot of unfinished cabinetry with the homeowner is taking it upon themselves to finish the doors on their end whether it be with latex oil base or they have a cabinet shop doing it for them whatever we’re selling you a door that looks like one of these 2 completely on finished. 

What you need to know is Conestoga when they’re painting the door for you and it’s MDF they’re doing what they call a seal so anywhere you have a profound area like in here on your framing bead raise areas they’re routing into the least dense portion of the board because when MDF is made is basically starts off about 6 feet thick and squashed flat with a tremendous amount of pressure and glues to hold it together.

One is going to flout the densest part of the board is at the top of the bottom there’s a move to the middle it gets a little looser and when a route this out this gets really fuzzy no guy and every time you a poll would apply paint to that those loose fibers from the center of the border to stand back up when you send it back down payment again they stand back up they have to be locked down so Conestoga house a ceiling process where if you’re ordering raw Andy of doors you would want to ask for it will give it to you automatically.

We’re gonna sanding seal these areas so that when you go in put your paint on they won’t stand back up on you have Conestoga doing the painting is part of the process is just what they do but as a homeowner you’re going to want to have that seal down so you’re not fighting with that orange peel look you can get in here we are paying textures kind of telegraphing through that India fuzziness and current. 

So just something to be aware of if I had my preference I’d see every customer go to the sold what I’m do you have it is a superior product is what it’s made for it doesn’t mean when you hear MDF always synthetic it’s horrible it’s gonna swell up and then fall apart I will say MDF is not a fan of water so your cabinets or in a flood you have a basement in the flood the basement is flooded with 6 inches of water and the F. is gonna whip water up and expand him can swell up looks terrible. 

As long as your doors not sitting in water you’re going to be fine it doesn’t react to ambient moisture in the air so give a bathroom and you have just a lot of steam because you’re getting out of the shower and all that this is not going to swell up just from steam and standing water that MDF is not a friend of other application you might have is if you’re a messy cook and you’re in the kitchen in your sloppy to water down the front your sink basin you let a puddle in here you want to wipe it out as fast as you can because of the water gets down in sight here it could tend to swell on there it’s not common but it can happen you just have to be mindful of what MDF doesn’t like which is real liquid water you don’t want to get into any open areas. 

West point make on India for the devolved the center panel because would expand the contracts you have a center panel is very wide let’s see this door was a a 24 inch cabinet door you’ve got 1819 inches of center panel that panel can expand contract by as much as a quarter of an inch. 

Twin hot seasons are dry and humid seasons in the spring it can expand contract by a quarter of an inch what happens is what they call halo where this panel contracts in the very dry season in Arizona and also you’ve got phone painted areas showing right here because it was a solid wood panel.

It’s another really good reason for MDF it doesn’t expand contract when Conasauga blows your pain down into this corner you’re not gonna have that shrinkage that takes place in you have white line these are things that are not warranted constable cannot control that so when you order solid wood door and you ask for paint on it whether it’s painted frame where the whole door is I’m sorry solid wood frame with a whole Doris old wood you’re going to get some stuff that you have to be aware of your sales rep is happy to talk you through with that they can run numbers to show you the different pricing points based on the different options

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