types of Plywood and their uses

I just want to run a word different types of sheeting and plywood and their common uses. To start off we have. MDF. MDF it just stands for medium density fiber it’s essentially sawdust glue to compress together now this is just a piece of trim so that’s one use of MDF. Another use is like in window wells. Like window wells and trim, for the most part, this is comes from actual she’d like a 4 by 8 sheet of MDF. 

And like I said before it’s basically just sawdust glued together. One good thing about this is. When you router it you can shape it with the router you can do anything and it is like a perfect. Animal service every time. So this is this is super good for. 

All types of projects you can build all sorts of products that you want to paint and its most common uses are for tram. That’s MBF. The next one that we have is particle board. And in the past they used to refer to it as case 3 not sure if they do that anymore. Basically just particle board. 

It’s common use in this state which is just like a Ross St is counter tops. So good thing about this product is that it doesn’t work for twist doesn’t shrink. It’s a really nice smooth surface and it’s good for putting contacts meant on and make countertops with our break so that’s a I use for that. Now over here we have different types of melamine. And. 

So this Mel mean here’s just wait and it’s. I’m actually not exactly sure what the service is made up but it’s pressed onto a particle board. Now you’re probably see these is used as cabinet boxes is one major use of that. Hears I just want to show you a couple of different types because you can special order this is a birch I think it’s called hard rock maple it’s a Bircher maple looking type and you can build.com inside of this as well. And then if you see on this side. 

We just applied NH tape to this so if you’re building cabinets edge taping is a big part of the process. In this one here is just another version and it’s like a dark brown. You can order like sent tons and tons of different colors and styles and greens and. And this one again is just pressed on particle board and. What we’ve done in the past as well as. Cabinetry for like a dental office or commercial building will build the drawer fronts and the doors of this type of product. 

Edge tape everything and then you got like a really cool kind of contemporary flat surface regional race panels or anything it just flat doors so that’s kind of cool use and you can build all sorts of cool cabinetry without. This year is OS be stands for orientated strand board and it’s basically just flakes of leftover would all Preston glued together and it is an engineered product little say it on the back of that the sheets. 

No this is just 3 eighths their streets and 7 sixteenths typically 3 aids is used on a wall like a new construction you put that as your wall sheeting. And 7 sixteenths is for your roof sheeting they also make different products like different thicknesses as they break it down to the 30 seconds but it’s like 583 quarter tongue and groove for sub floor for your for single on top your floor choice and that’s new construction as well and it’s all engineered like there’s different thicknesses and that type of thing. 

So SP. Next to have is. Just straight up regular plywood. This one here’s 3 eighths. Now 3 aids is most commonly used for. Go on top of your sub floor as a second layer before you put tile style it adds the route rigidity and strength here for you don’t want your floor flexing sort outside and then when you lay your tiles on he won’t getting tiles breaking or cracking in your girl lines all stay intact. 

So that’s streets and there’s just millions of different uses for this these types of products this is a 3 quarter inch plywood. Like I said you can you name it you can use this product for a lot now this is the to the actual here just standard greed you can get a good one side if you want to pain and there’s all sorts of different grades right there’s good to side but. Figure out depending on the uses that you’re using it for. 

Now the last one I want to show is also. More with cabinet grade plywood so it’s still applying what you can see that there are more plies to this. Then the other the previous record that I showed you now this has a veneer on it which just alters thin layer of what now this one is a birch veneer. Now there are different grades of this is well like this is it as birch on both sides but this site is in as nice as the one side.

And there’s different grade shop great cabinet greed and then there are different veneers like virgin older the common but you can get it and you can order almost anything and you can build cabinets are less and you can just get like you can enjoy with real hardwood glue the hardware raid on to there and make this service splash but there are just endless amounts of things you can do with your product as well so hold that gives you a just a quick rundown so you have an idea of different uses.

David D. Hughes