Are you thinking of buying the KN31 Mini-Detail Skew Knife? Before you buy tools for your shed or your toolbox, it is important to know what you want to use them for. This way you know that you are getting exactly what you will be needing.

The KN31 Mini-Detail Skew Knife is great if you want to be doing any sort of small and fine details in a limited or tight space. The blade is also great for making vertical cuts. It has an extended shank, which helps you reach difficult places that a general knife ordinarily would not be able to reach. It is the perfect knife for decoy carving.

Flexcut KN31 Mini-Detail Skew Knife


The KN31 Mini-Detail Skew Knife has a handle shaped like most general knives. It is designed in such a way that you can hold it like a writing tool of some sort. The blade is very short and has a bevel of 3/8 inches. 

The light brown hue that is characteristic of ashwood, is what characterizes the knife’s handle as well. The straight grain comes through as is expected on furniture that is made of ashwood. Its aesthetic appeal is undeniable. This is a good looking knife, even though looks are not the major criterion here.

Performance Review

The KN31 Mini-Detail Skew Knife has a blade bevel of 3/8inches and this is what you will need to reach paces in your carvings like ridges or tight spaces. The pointed razor-sharp bade gives you this advantage.


It is vital that you are careful when using any blade. Flexcut in particular makes very sharp blades, even before you sharpen them, so you have to be careful when you remove the blade from the packaging. Also, make sure that you are holding the knife correctly when you use it. Improper use can cause you to hurt yourself. 

You can also make use of personal protective gear such as goggles to protect your eyes, and gloves to protect your hands. 

Who is this product ideal for?

Flexcut’s knives are user friendly. They are easy to use, as long as you have the gist of it. The quality of the product you will carve depends on your skill level.


  • it is durable
  • it is flexible
  • it has a sharp blade
  • it is comfortable to hold
  • the blade is small enough to fit in very tight spaces


  • the handle is similar to a general knife and is not very comfortable for prolonged use.

Our Verdict

Getting a knife from Flexcut is synonymous with buying great quality and functionality. The brand is well spoken of for a reason. Whilst there are some who have a bad experience, you will find that the KN31 mini detail skew knife generally has resounding reviews. 

We think it is a good buy, for the simple reason that its features will get the job done, and Flexcut makes great knives. Durability is key when looking for a knife and the KN31 mini detail skew knife is great in functionality and looks. Happy shopping!

David D. Hughes