March 29, 2021

Makita 9903 vs 9403 | Choosing The Ideal Belt Sander

When choosing between the Makita 9903 vs 9403, numerous factors guide you for the perfect fit. What is important is the belt speed, belt grit, durability, motor and dust collection system. Speed variance plays a role since you need to use your machine on different materials that require different speeds. 

A motor is the heart of a sander, hence it has to be powerful. You may have a high-quality sander that has speed variance but if the dust collection system is not efficient, you will not have a healthy environment to work on. Each product has its strengths and weaknesses hence a detailed evaluation below that will point to your top pick.

Overview of the Makita 9403

The Makita 9403 is a single belt sander that runs at 1640 feet per minute. That ensures a fast removal of unwanted material. The maximum speed is excellent and ideal for an effective and highly efficient machine. The overall performance is excellent. It Has a powerful 11 Amp motor that gives more power output to run activities on materials. It turns the four-inch-wide belt without a hassle. 

It comes with a 4x 24inch belt that makes the machine spacious enough to accommodate large items. You may choose this product due to the fast removal rate it operates on, and you hardly hear sound when in use. The sound is rated 84 decibels which are close to total silence. The high-quality construction is impressive. 

It gives protection and seals the bearings and the motor. That makes it last longer. The front handle makes it comfortable and secure to use the tool without fear of damaging it. The 360-degree rotating dust bag makes the tool user-friendly. It becomes convenient since you do not turn it the traditional way. 


  • Heavy duty (no noise)
  • Comfortable grip
  • 360-degree rotating dust bag
  • Bearing and motor protection
  • Long power cord and wide belt size


  • It is not affordable
  • Heaviness after a long time in use

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Key Features of the Makita 9403 

Amp motor

The 11 amp motor has great power and speed. The electronic speed control remains constant under load. The removal of material becomes faster. The performance remains constant on both hardwood and softwood materials. The motor is ideal for high production use. It comes with a cord that is on top of the machine. That makes it convenient.

Dust collection system

The dust bag that comes with the machine rotates up to 360 degrees. That makes the operation convenient. You do not have to use the dust collection bag manually but automatically. That saves time and allows you to multi-task hence accuracy. The dust collection is located right on the top side, and you easily control it.

Rotations per minute

The sander runs at a speed of 1,640 feet per minute. The speed rate is fixed and that is ideal for fast removal of material. You will not spend more time on a task. The 4inch belt makes the process faster and smoother. 

Safety features

The dust collection system keeps you safe from diseases caused by sawdust. The front grip is large, and the position allows you to operate the machine with ease.

Overview of the Makita 9903

The Makita 9903 is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, and a premium quality belt sander has performance and longevity.  It has solid durability and a powerful 8.8 Amp motor that offers sanding activities. It has a way of maintaining its speed. It is consistent when working under load. It has a speed variance of 690 to 1,440 feet per minute. 

The electric speed control dial allows you to have fine-tuning to the sanding activity appropriate to the task you are running at the moment. The machine does not make noise. It comes with a dust collection system that involves a collection bag that takes time before it needs emptying. The tool has the power to remove both paint and rust. 

The 16.4 feet power cord has the capacity of connecting to a power source that is a bit far from your working space. That is convenient if you have challenges in power. The variance in speed makes the tool versatile. The construction seals the motor and the bearings and that keeps the machine safe from contamination. The front has a good grip that comes with a comfortable location. It weighs up to 13 pounds.


  • It has double insulation
  • No noise
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent grip
  • Speed variance


  • The vacuum system clogs
  • It does not come with a plastic storage box

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Key features of the Makita 9903 

Safety features

The tool produces 85 decibels of sound. That is safe to use. It will not damage your hearing. You have control over the tool. It is double insulated which is a way of protecting you from the earth if there is ever going to be faulty. You do not have to experience a lot of heat from the machine. The dust bag connection keeps you safe from inhaling sawdust. 

Dust Collection system

The tool comes with a dust bag that prevents you from having diseases caused by inhaling sawdust. The dust bag rotates up to 360 degrees and is convenient for the user. You do not have to control it manually. All you need to do is connect it properly. That reduces labor from the user. You can use a pump horse as a substitute for the collection bag. 

RPM Speed

It has a speed variance of 690 to 1,440 feet per minute. That is possible with the powerful 115Volt motor that makes fast material removal effective. The variable speed sander has consistency in multiple types of surfaces. The precision when working on pint remains the same when the tool is working on rust. 


The sander has a front handle that is convenient to use. It gives you gripping that makes you feel secure when handling the machine.


  • They both have long power cords.
  • The products do not make noise when in use.
  • They both have dust bags that rotate up to 360 degrees.
  • The machines have high-quality construction that seals both the motor and the bearings. It keeps the machine safe from contamination.
  • They both have a convenient front handle that gives you griping. 


  • The Makita 9903 has a speed variance of 690 to 1,440 feet per minute, whereas the 9403 has a fixed speed of 1,640 feet per minute. 
  • The Makita 9903 has a 3x21inch belt wide belt, whereas the 9403 has a 4x24inch wide belt. 
  • The Makita 9903 weighs 9.5lbs, whereas the 9403 weighs 13 pounds.
  • Makita 9403 is run by an 11amp motor, whereas the 9903 comes with an 8.8 amp motor. 
  • The Makita 9403 has 84 decibels of sound, whereas the 9903 has 85 decibels.


The Makita 9903 is more affordable than the 9403. Both products have the same price range.  However, you will save about 32 bucks if you buy the Makita 9903. 


In summation of the above reviews, there are notable similarities between the Makita 9903 and the Makita 9403. They both have long power cords. You hardly experience noise when using the products. The machines have high-quality construction that seals both the motor and the bearings.

It keeps the machine safe from contamination, and they have a convenient front handle that gives you gripping. However, if you want speed variance, the Makita 9903 will be the ideal product. For a lightweight and more affordable machine, I recommend the Makita 9903. The 9403 is a silent machine that has a long power code. If you want to maintain a constant speed without tuning the sander, the 9403 is ideal for you. It has a fixed speed rate of 1,640 feet per minute.

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