If you are ready to take your dust collection system to the next level, the Shopfox W1687 3 HP Dust Collector is one worth considering. The increased air suction capacity will allow you to build a bigger and more complex dust collection system with room to spare. 

Also, the double collection setup means less downtime emptying and shaking out bags, which means you’ll be able to spend more time actually making the dust. CSA certified meeting CSA C22.2 #243-M91 and UL 1017-4th standards. Apparently it is for wood dust only. 

With 3 HP, 2,800 CFM, 2.5 Micron Filtration this collector here is for when you are ready to take your dust collection system to the next level, this 3 HP Dust Collector will be your first choice. 

The increased air suction capacity will allow you to build bigger and more complex dust collection systems with room to spare. Also, the double collection setup means less down time emptying bags and shaking out filters – this translates to more time spent actually making the dust.

Here is a quick question for you, Are you tired of having to deal with dust in your working area? Simple and obvious answer is obviously yes. Let me introduce you to this Shopfox W1687 3 HP Dust Collector. If you finally want to upgrade your dust cleaning methods then this Shopfox W1687 3 HP Dust Collector is definitely the one for you. 

It is a powerful dust collector that can change your life. It comes with increased air suction meaning it will work in a bigger place and it will be sure to clear the air and rid your space of all dust particles. If you’re ready to work in a space where taking a deep breath won’t lead to coughing and choking then this here is your biggest contender. 

This Shopfox W1687 3 HP Dust Collector is a powerful dust collector that will allow you to build a bigger and more complex dust collection system with room to spare. It comes with a double collection setup meaning you will experience less downtime emptying and shaking out bags.  

With 3 HP, 2,800 CFM, 2.5 Micron filtration this collector here is for when you are ready to take your dust collection system to the next level. So what do you say? The bigger the better they always say, and this is proof of that. 


  • Keeps air in a working area clean and safe
  • Promotes good health in work spaces 
  • Has an increased air suction capacity
  • Has a collection bag for easy disposal 
  • Is very easy to use and comes with a 2 year warranty


  • Is limited to use for wood dust only 
  • Is quite expensive 


  • Motor size: 3 HP, 240V, single-phase, 3450 RPM, 12A
  • Air suction capacity: approx. 2830 CFM
  • Static pressure: 14.4
  • Impeller: 13″ aluminum, radial fin
  • Max. inlet size: 8″
  • Inlet adapter: 4-way x 4″ inlets
  • Bag size (diameter x depth): 19″ x 33″ (4)
  • Height (with bags inflated): 78″
  • Bag capacity: 10.8 cubic feet
  • Standard bag filtration: 2.5 micron
  • CSA certified
  • Approximate shipping weight: 167 lbs.
Shopfox W1687 covered

Additional Features 

2.5 Micron Filtration Rating

The W1687 filters are rated at 2.5 Microns and capture the finest and most hazardous dust particles to keep you breathing free and easy.

Heavy Duty Plastic Lower Bags

With apt care, the durable lower plastic bags can be used over-and-over again, plus they’re priced economically enough to allow them to be disposed of, if and when needed. The replacement lower bags (model D4573) are available in a 5-pack.

Four 4-inch Inlets or One 8-inch with inlet caps

The W1687 features four 4-inch inlets for multiple machine dust collection. The 4-way fitting offers the ability to collect dust from up to four machines running simultaneously. Also included are inlet caps for blocking airflow to ports which are not in use and increasing collection efficiency to the ports used for dust collection. 

This dust collector also offers the option to remove the 4-way fitting to expose a single 8-inch inlet if you prefer to run larger diameter main-line ducting to branch off to more machines through the use of blast gates.

Portable or Stationary

The W1687 can be operated as either a stationary or a mobile unit with the built-in casters. Eliminate the cost of ducting when used as a mobile unit or enjoy the convenience and versatility of a stationary unit.

Oversized Paddle Switch

The oversized paddle switch includes a safety lockout key which can be removed to protect against unauthorized use.

Buyer’s Guide

A dust collector has two simple jobs: pulling debris from your machines and filtering out tiny, unhealthy dust particles. But choosing a dust collector can be anything but simple. It’s like deciphering airflow charts, calculating static-pressure losses and CFM, analyzing fan curve graphs, and finding reliable performance data for each machine. However to make things simple for you read ahead. We made the process a whole lot simpler. 

Main dust collection system requirements:

Most small shop workers get more fine dust exposure in a few hours woodworking than large facility workers get in months of full-time work and we frequently work more toxic woods, so have higher more dangerous toxic chemical exposures. Follow through with this guide for help and guidance: 

It Must Capture All Types of Dust

There are two main types of dust: large chips and fine dust. Our system will need to be well thought-out to capture both types effectively.

It must be easy to clean

The system should be easy enough to clean and maintain that you’ll do so regularly to maintain efficiency and optimal performance.

How many tools will need to run at once?

This affects the size or power of the dust collector you’ll need, as well as the design of the piping or hose connected to each machine.

Consider the size of your workshop

Suction will decrease as it is piped longer distances. Shop size and layout is also important because sometimes there just isn’t space for a large setup even if the numbers call for one and you have to get creative with what you have to get the job done (I had to do this in my current shop).

Electrical Requirements

Some larger dust collectors require 220v 3phase power. If you choose such a collector, you’ll need to factor in the installation of a special circuit in your main electrical panel. You’ll also need to install the proper wiring to the outlet you plan to use.

Your Other Unique Needs

Be sure to take some time to look at your space and carefully think through anything else that might be important to the area you have and the type of work you do. With the proper planning, you’ll have a better chance of making your system a success, keeping you healthy and your shop clean. With these things in mind you know you can never go wrong in choosing the best dust collector for you and your shop. 

Our Verdict

Working for extended periods in dusty environments is more than irritating. That said, dust collectors are a must in small or big shop settings. They are a must in any working space that accumulates dust. 

Without one of the best dust collectors, your visibility is reduced, and you are at risk for lung damage down the line. If you take the time to honestly analyze your needs and intended use, buying the best dust collector is not complex. That’s why we put up a guide for you. Just follow it and you’ll be okay. 

David D. Hughes